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Beatrix Wagner is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the owner of Hypnosis-LA with offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.


“Realizing that part of us needs to change is not an easy process. We often ignore the signals that our bodies give us and we continue to live our busy lives thinking that it’s normal to feel all that pressure and speed. Change begins with awareness and acceptance, being open and willing.

Overtime, excessive trauma and emotions get stored in our system with no outlet to relieve the pressure. As we heal, we release those congested energies by bringing compassion, understanding and love to the parts of ourselves, that get repressed, denied or rejected, giving them an opportunity to speak their truth, and then integrate them with our talents, wisdom and abilities.

We all want more peace and serenity in our lives. To love and to be loved and live the life that we always dreamed of. Hypnotherapy and coaching is a safe way to help overcome patterns that keep us ‘stuck’, giving access to our inner resources, opening the door to a happier you.

It’s time to transform. I am dedicated to making a positive difference and inspiring you to discover your highest potential. I would be honored to assist you on your path.”

- Beatrix Wagner, Hypnotherapist

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