Hypnotherapy Los Angeles to Treat Addiction

Hypnotherapy Los Angeles to Treat Addiction

Hypnosis in Los Angeles, which is also called hypnotherapy Los Angeles, is used more and more by medical doctors and psychiatrists as a legitimate way to treat addiction.   When a hypnosis for addiction treatment is done by a person who is very qualified, it can definitely help if you have already dealt with the first phrases of rehabilitation.  You will learn how to deal with your cravings and find the strength to not pick up your old habits again.

The Hypnosis Process for Addition Treatment

Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles as a way to treat addiction is not used at the beginning of the rehabilitation process.  You will have to go through detoxification before it becomes a viable treatment option.  It could possibly take you weeks or maybe a few months to get clean.

Any medical professional who uses Los Angeles hypnosis for addiction to treatment is called a hypnotherapist.  They will place you into a hypnotic state so that you are more open to different suggestions.  When you are in this kind of state, you will gain more of an imagination and know how to solve problems more.  Basically, you will have the ability to find ways to solve your own addiction problems.

But, hypnosis will not work if you aren’t really trying to change your addictive ways.  Hypnosis does not have the ability to make up or change your mind for you.  Nor can it give you a new way of looking at things.  Instead, it helps you to alter the views that you already have.

Successfully Utilizing Hypnosis to Treat Addition

Realize that hypnosis is not the only way to treat addiction.  But, it can help you to treat your problem.  It is really good for keeping alcoholics from taking a drink, once they have started rehab.

In order for hypnosis to mean something during this process, it is important that you are sober.  The main part of hypnosis deals with being able to concentrate.  Unfortunately, alcohol will hinder your ability to get into a hypnotic trance.  As a result, it does a better job of stopping a relapse than it does to stop you from drinking.

If you have been trying to stop drinking and you finally accomplish this, then you will have a new challenge before you.  When this happens, your goal is to stay sober and it will require that you set some goals for yourself, concentrate on those goals and remain positive about your situation.

This is why using hypnosis in order to treat your addiction will be beneficial.  It will make it possible for you to be a part of your own treatment, figure out what makes you want to relapse and help you to pinpoint what is making you crave another drink, if and when it should ever happen.

Hypnotherapy Sessions Bring About Relaxation

When you are hypnotized in Los Angeles you are in a state of relaxation, which can be seen by the way that your body metabolizes food, the way that you breathe and even the way that your brain works.  Simply put, your body goes through both mental and physical changes.

When you are under this hypnotic trance, you will be more willing to explore what makes you addicted to alcohol.  You will see what makes you crave the alcohol.  You will not feel guilty about trying to find ways to get over these particular cravings.

Hypnotizing Yourself

There are some instances where hypnotherapists like to show their patients how to hypnotize themselves.  Putting yourself into a light state of hypnotic relaxation is a wonderful way to get over your cravings at the time that they really occur.  By doing this, it will make it easier for you to resist the urge to relapse.

For more information on how to treat addiction with hypnosis in Los Angeles or for a complimentary consultation call Hypnosis-LA at: (310) 994-9532.

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