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Beatrix Wagner

Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
“Beatrix is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in her practice. She has helped me overcome my stress and anxiety and given me tools that have made a huge difference in my life”*
Beverly Hills
“I finally have been able to stop smoking thanks to Beatrix and Hypnosis-LA. This has been a tremendously rewarding experience and I am very grateful to them.”*
Los Angeles
“Working with Beatrix has been wonderful! She has helped me on so many different levels. From stopping negative self talk to conquering my fears. Thank you with all my heart.”*
Laguna Niguel

“I highly recommend Beatrix Wagner as a hypnotherapist and life coach. I saw her because of a phobia that was interfering with my life. It was something that arose out of childhood trauma and stayed with me for 30 years. Even though I had “coped” with it at various times, it was always there. This phobic fear had directly to do with my ability to do my work and caused immense stress during the workday and beyond. I had tried traditional psychotherapy and psychiatry as well as many other approaches, but every day to some greater or lesser degree, I experienced a debilitating fight against phobic fear in the performance of necessary work-related tasks. This phobia, which manifested as a “panic attack” when faced with doing certain types of written work, caused secondary problems like procrastination, low productivity, low self-esteem and despair.


After four sessions with Ms. Wagner, I can honestly report that the phobia is 80% resolved. I no longer experience the “panic attack” like symptoms that interfered with my ability to concentrate or the avoidance behavior that caused so much trouble. I knew my phobia to be “irrational” for a long time and yet no matter the level of insight I had or the therapy I had engaged in, it never really got better. I intend to continue to see Ms. Wagner on an ongoing basis to reinforce the healing and move on from conquering a phobia to achieve high levels of concentration and productivity.


I wish I had tried hypnotherapy years ago. It bothers me somewhat to think of the wasted time, though Ms. Wagner was quick to point out the learning that took place even in that period of suffering, and not to regret it, but to move on with lessons learned.


Ms. Wagner explained hypnotherapy very clearly. She divided the session into two parts. In the first part I articulated the problem and told her what my goals were. The second session involved hypnosis which, to me, felt like a guided meditation while I was in a relaxed, suggestible state. She took my own words, my own articulated hopes, and spoke those words back to me, along with some other related ideas and suggestions, while I was relaxed. There was nothing “weird” about it. In fact, it seems “too good to be true” considering everything I went through struggling against this phobia my whole life. It seems preposterous that 4 straightforward hypnosis sessions, which felt like guided meditation, have “solved” this problem to a large extent. I assumed I would always have to struggle against it or take drugs to mask the symptoms. I am skeptical by nature and really did not expect hypnosis to work. It did. I am a believer*.”*

John C.
Los Angeles