Managing The Holiday Stress

Managing The Holiday Stress

We all love to spend time with our family members but sometimes the Holiday stress of having to host a party, buy gifts, cook, or interact with certain family members certainly can be stressful.
It is important to go into the end of the year with a positive attitude and clear mind.
You can enjoy this upcoming holiday season by being mindful and recognizing the triggers that lead to stressful situations for you.  Awareness is the first step, and creating a plan and executing will help you feel better.
To overcome negative feelings, you can start by creating a journal and asking yourself what causes of concern you have as the holidays approach?
For example, your stress may be related to finances and the expenses associated with the holidays.  Or you may be concerned that the holidays will lead to weight gain and you want to keep fitting in your skinny jeans.   Once you have established what your trigger is, create a plan that outlines your strategy and goals to avoid this situation.
You can make a budget or determine a calorie number you are comfortable with.  Once your plan is finalized, go over it a few times, especially the day of the event.


Also, before going to an event or having people over, it is important to take a few minutes to do some deep breathing and/or meditation.  Imagine yourself having a great time, everyone being nice to you, you being able to not overeat, or the opposite of whatever it is that creates stress or anxiety in your life.  Be grateful to the family members you enjoy being around, and thankful for their influences in your life.  Think about how it would be to interact with your family in a positive way.  Let yourself smile when you think of how much love you have for your family and even use your other senses.  What would it smell like?  Gingerbread cookies? What sounds are around – music or laughter?

The goal is to get yourself to the point that you are calm and can think clearly.  Visualize yourself handling things in an ideal way.  Sometimes it can help to see the event play out from an outside perspective.  Let yourself go deep inside your own mind and imagine yourself being the way you would like to be. Get detailed – pay attention to your body language, breathing, facial expressions, etc.


If you are concerned that having a plan, meditating, or deep breathing is just not enough, and need some additional support, we are here to help.  Through hypnotherapy and coaching, you can make the adjustments in your behavior, habits, and thoughts to help you stay on track and conquer your goals.  You will be shown how you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself to handle any situation.  Through our sessions, you will learn to be confident, keep calm, be mindful, and focused.

No matter how your family or friends are choosing to interact with you, you can choose to not let their energy or behavior affect you, while you stay in your Zen-like mode.
The holidays are supposed to be a fun memorable time and you should be able to enjoy them. The above steps can help you have a joyful experience.
If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact us anytime.
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your holidays a relaxing and enjoyable experience!
Happy Holidays,
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