Beverly Hills Hypnotherapy

Managing The Holiday Stress

We all love to spend time with our family members but sometimes the Holiday stress of having to host a party, buy gifts, cook, or interact with certain family members certainly can be stressful.

It is important to go into the end of the year with a positive attitude and clear mind.
You can enjoy this upcoming holiday season by being mindful and recognizing the triggers that lead to. . .

Tips for Selecting the Right Hypnotherapist

Tips for Selecting the Right Hypnotherapist in Beverly Hills

Hypnotherapy is perhaps the most personal form of psychological therapy there is. Once you’ve decided to try hypnosis to solve a problem or improve your life, you want to make sure that you have selected the right hypnotherapist in Beverly Hills or the Los Angeles area for your particular situation.

But how?
Five Tips for Selecting the Right Hypnotherapy Professional

1. Check the ton. . .

Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Whether I offer a phone consultation, have a session with a new client, or attend a networking event, I always get asked the same question: does hypnosis really work? And the answer is always the same: yes, hypnosis really works. I have seen it change many lives for the better over and over again. It has certainly changed mine on all levels.

People often associate hypnosis with what they hav. . .

How To Be A Success


Success begins with our thinking. The average person has about 55,000 thoughts/day. Most of these thoughts are unconscious. And these unconscious thoughts drive our lives. They determine our level of success, our moods, how we perceive our world, how we feel and our level of happiness.

Thoughts are very powerful. Since we are going to think anyway, why not become good thinkers who. . .

Beverly Hills Hypnotherapy for the Reduction of Stress

Although some people still believe that hypnosis is used to make someone moo like a cow or undress at the sound of a word, many of us know that professional hypnotherapy offered by a certified hypnotherapist is a tool that can help people withstand pain, overcome fears, and even reduce the amounts of stress in their lives. Regardless what you may have heard about hypnosis, the truth is you. . .

Addictions are Some of The Most Difficult Conditions That Health And Mental Health Professionals Treat


Addiction is a vicious cycle (acting out/doing –> feeling good for the moment –> some kind of trigger happens –> anxiety starts increasing –> will power fails –> acting out/doing it all over again).

People can get addicted to alcohol, food, sugar, gambling, different substances, medication, shopping, sex and love, usually to cope better with certain conditions or. . .

Hypnosis for Medical Treatments


Are You Anxious Because of an Upcoming Surgery or Medical Procedure?

Most people are less than thrilled about having to go for a medical treatment or a visit to the doctor. It’s quite natural to feel some anxiousness. But for many, the anxiety goes way beyond feeling a slight amount of worry – they are totally terrified and don’t really know how to deal with their emotions.

Guided Imagery Therapy

Exactly how would you define guided imagery?
Guided imagery is a common mind and body method that is basically a form of hypnosis.  Being able to visualize something gives you the ability to concentrate on the pictures that you see.  This technique leverages the link that goes from the visual brain and the involuntary nervous system.  When this part of the brain is put into motion without. . .

Self-Esteem in Los Angeles

Easy Steps to Build up Your Self-Esteem Los Angeles

Do not compare yourself to other people.  There will always be others who do better than you.  If you continue to do this, you will always be the loser.  This will always keep you down.
Do not think negatively about yourself.  You will never build up your self esteem if you keep putting yourself down.
Learn how to take a. . .

History of Hypnotherapy

The use of hypnotherapy can be traced as far back as the ancient times of both Asia and Egypt.  But, most modern use was greatly influenced by a physician from Austria named Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer.  He believed in magnetic fluid.  He thought that it was why all living processes existed, which included how the planets move.  By studying the ebb and flow of tides, Dr. Mesmer first. . .