Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Losing Weight Without the Gimmicks
In our modern age of gadgets and gimmicks, we tend to think that everything worthwhile comes from outside of us. The clothes we wear define us, and so do the cars we drive. Our professional success depends on whether or not we have the right piece of paper from the right college or university hanging on the wall.

It wasn’t always this way. There was a tim. . .

Body Image and Confidence

There’s nothing sexier than feeling confident about your body – how it moves, the way it feels, and especially how it looks. But developing and maintaining body confidence can be elusive and is often associated with weight.

Body Image

Body image is how you perceive yourself when you look in the mirror or see yourself in your mind’s eye.

It’s how you think other people perceiv. . .

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complicated issue and one that is different for every individual. Over the course of life, the average person will lose weight several times and then put it right back on. Dieting can help you lose weight, but then once you go off the diet, the weight creeps back again. That’s especially true with fad diets. In Beverly Hills, people also spend a lot of money on weight loss. . .

How To Be A Success


Success begins with our thinking. The average person has about 55,000 thoughts/day. Most of these thoughts are unconscious. And these unconscious thoughts drive our lives. They determine our level of success, our moods, how we perceive our world, how we feel and our level of happiness.

Thoughts are very powerful. Since we are going to think anyway, why not become good thinkers who. . .

Eating Too Much

Food is an essential part of life.  We’ve all heard the expression – “You are what you eat.”   Unfortunately, the issue far too many people face is eating too much.   It’s tough to control this impulse if you use food as a crutch when facing stress.  Let’s face it life can be really stressful at times.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a salesman, a lawyer, a mother, a. . .