Guided Imagery Therapy

Guided Imagery Therapy

Exactly how would you define guided imagery?
Guided imagery is a common mind and body method that is basically a form of hypnosis.  Being able to visualize something gives you the ability to concentrate on the pictures that you see.  This technique leverages the link that goes from the visual brain and the involuntary nervous system.  When this part of the brain is put into motion without getting direct input from the eyes, it can impact you both physically and emotionally.  As a result, it can lead to physiologic changes within your body.

Why is guided imagery utilized?
Due to the fact that this is a mind body treatment, health problems, muscle issues and anxiety can get out of control.  This is evident as a result of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, depression and insomnia.  Research shows that guided imagery can be used to treat autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.  It can also be used to get rid of conditions such as allergies, asthma and hives.

Guided imagery basics include:

  • Reducing stress and relaxing
  • Being able to visualize or direct imagery.  This will improve performance, change the way that you behave or change an actual outcome.
  • Receptive imagery.  This is the way in which images and words are put on a conscious level so that you can research and provide info about symptoms, therapies, emotions or medical conditions.

What will happen when you experience guided imagery?
You will made to feel relaxed from the very beginning.  This can be done by sitting in a comfortable chair, wearing loose fitting clothing and taking away all distractions such as your phone and laptop.  Most likely the person will put you into a quiet room.  Once you are relaxed, we will introduce breathing strategies, mood music and guided induction that can be utilized to bring about a state of calmness.

At this point, you will receive suggestions so that your personal images will make you feel even more relaxed.  This can also be done by looking at images that have something to say about specific conditions.  This might help you to better understand or manage your physical problems.  Exercises involve visualizing graphics or clear images that are in your mind.  They will help you to heal and provide comfort.  Also, doing these exercises over and over again will help you to learn so that the modifications will take place whenever you need them. Visualization exercises can seem very real if your images are really strong and clear.  We will work together to make the experience as easy as possible. Do your best to see and feel everything that is going on. If you try to practice a minimum of a few times a day, you will really find them beneficial.

Will practicing guided imagery have any type of bad impact on me?
There are no known negative effects from guided imagery and it’s completely safe.  This really is not a technique and should be considered if you do not feel right about utilizing it for either personal or spiritual purposes.  Don’t forget that mind-body strategies should be utilized along with other physical treatments.

For those who have not used guided imagery or hypnosis, the whole process might not seem rational or safe.  But don’t worry.  Did you know that you probably go into hypnotic trances on a daily basis and don’t even realize it?  Think about those times when you daydream, watch a movie or drive home without even thinking about what you are doing.

Hypnosis is no more than being in a different state of mind. You don’t have as much scope, but you have a higher level of awareness.  Guided imagery is different from other forms of hypnosis because you directly choose to enter into this state of mind.  It is done for more than relaxation purposes.  You want to concentrate on your goal and get better.  It is a way to heal your problems.

A hypnotic trance is no different from daydreaming.  You are still in control.  The trance can be stopped at any moment.  There is no need to be afraid.  Your hypnosis Los Angeles therapist will be at your side but you are the only one who can make the changes in consciousness.

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