Self-Esteem in Los Angeles

Self-Esteem in Los Angeles

Easy Steps to Build up Your Self-Esteem Los Angeles

  1. Do not compare yourself to other people.  There will always be others who do better than you.  If you continue to do this, you will always be the loser.  This will always keep you down.
  2. Do not think negatively about yourself.  You will never build up your self esteem if you keep putting yourself down.
  3. Learn how to take a compliment.  If you don’t accept them, you are telling yourself that you are not worthy of a compliment.  Just say thank you instead.
  4. Utilize affirmations to build up your self esteem.  Look in the mirror and say something nice to the image staring back at you.  When you make the statement, feel the positivity that it creates.
  5. Use helpful info to your advantage such as program, guides, tutorials and workshops.  The information that you allow inside of your brain will guide your actions.  So, use positivity to your benefit.
  6. Only surround yourself with positive people.  Negative people will only bring you down and not help you.  However, when positive people say good things about you, it helps to build up your self esteem.
  7. Write down a list of your past accomplishments.  They don’t have to be huge life shattering accomplishments.  Just the little things that you have done that are worth mentioning.  Always refer to this list and put to memory the good feelings that you had whenever each accomplishment was experienced.
  8. Write down a list of your good qualities.  Things such as honesty, compassion, creativity and giving are all good qualities that anyone would be proud of.  Make sure that your list has a minimum of 20 good qualities.  Put these qualities under a microscope and focus on all of these.  You will discover that success is not that far away.
  9. Do more things for others.  This will make you feel that you are contributing to the world and worthwhile to those around you.  This will do wonders to lift and build your self-esteem.
  10. Start doing the things that make you happy.  It is not easy being confident when you are doing things that you hate.  If you are stuck in a dead job, you can still do things that you like in your spare time.
  11. Don’t lie to yourself.  Do things based upon what you think and feel.  Don’t live life based upon what others want and think.  When you try to please others and not yourself, you are only lying to yourself.
  12. Get moving and be proactive.  Nothing is going to change if you just sit around moping and groaning.  You will feel so much better if you get moving and accept challenges and create goals, even if you have a hard time reaching them.  Taking action will help to build up your self-esteem in Los Angeles.

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