Smoking Cessasion Los Angeles

Smoking Cessasion Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Hypnotherapy can help cure smoking addiction. Smoking leads to around 400,000 premature deaths every year in the United States.  Hypnotherapy Beverly Hills are specialists at ending this challenging habit.  Unfortunately, smoking results in men losing around 13 years of life and women losing around 14 years of life overall.  For hundreds of years, people have been smoking tobacco, which originated from the plant known as nicotianatabacum.  It has a drug called nicotine and this explains why it is so popular.  Los Angeles smoking cessation is a challenge.   When people smoke cigarettes, this drug is sucked into the bloodstream and travels to the brain.  In all actuality, it only takes nicotine 8 seconds to get to the brain after someone puffs on a cigarette.  In addition, nicotine can get to the bloodstream via the mucous membranes in the mouth as well as from your skin.

Nicine has an impact on your whole body in places such as your blood pressure, heart rate and nerves.  It is fatal if used in concentrated forms.  One concentrated drop could kill you.  As a matter of fact, nicotine has been utilized as a pesticide for hundreds of years.  When it comes to people who are trying to stop smoking, many of them depend on hypnotherapy.  Beverly Hills residents depend a lot on the discipline of hypnosis. Beverly Hills residents have also tried nicotine patches by Nicoderm and Habitrol for many years.  However there are so many problems linked with using these types of products instead of using a Beverly Hills hypnotherapist.  Beverly Hills residents have seen many times over that by going to a hypnotherapist, it does not pose any problems. There have also been studies that have proven that hypnosis is very successful for getting rid of smoking.  However, just like other methods of its kind, it is only as effective as the person administering it.  Using Beverly Hills hypnosis for getting rid of your smoking habit is the ability of the Hypnotherapist in Beverly Hills to use specific professional techniques and recommendations.

Beatrix Wagner is a professional hypnotherapist and has been assisting clients with ending smoking habits through her esteemed hypnotherapy in Los Angeles.  A majority of the  quit smoking clients that she has are due to excellent word of mouth referrals who have already been treated by this very experienced and capable Los Angeles Hypnotherapist.  Every time that a smoker smokes a cigarette, there is a negative outcome.  Each pack they smokes will result in a quart of tobacco tar being deposited into his lungs.  This eventually turns into emphysema.

One of the most important facts about emphysema is that is cannot be reversed and it cannot be cured.   When the lungs are not elastic anymore or the air sacs have been torn, the lungs are not operational any longer.  Lung cancer is the number one type of cancer and this is usually caused by smoking cigarettes.  This is because the cancer spreads fast throughout the bloodstream to other organs during the early stages.  It has already progressed to brain by the time that it is detected.

If you are a smoker, you should consider getting a good Beverly Hills hypnotherapy service.  Los Angeles has very good ones.  If you choose to ignore this important information, then that is your business.  If you want to cure this bad habit and stop smoking then get some help.  This is why we are in business.  Stop smoking today.  Call us for a confidential, free consultation at: (310) 994-9532.

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