Letting Go and Finding Your True Voice

Letting Go and Finding Your True Voice

Accepting vulnerability is hard to do, but you have to learn how to deal with it.  In order to really feel alive and be happy, you have to be willing to let go and not be afraid of being vulnerable.  You have to get in touch with your inside feelings and not be afraid to talk about what scares you. What do you want?  What do you need?  You should be able to come to terms and answers these questions for yourself and for the people who are close to you.  Working with a Los Angeles life coach can really help.

This is because the process really isn’t about anyone else. 

Think back to the time when you had something very important to say but couldn’t.  It might have been an old employer who treated you poorly.  Or, it might have been an old high school friend that you really had a mad crush on.  How about the time when your parents forgot all about a really special present that you requested for your birthday?

What did you fail to say?  Most importantly, how mad were you at yourself for not speaking up?  You probably still can’t stand that moment to this day.  Most likely, you still want to kick yourself for keeping your lips sealed.  There are many things that you want to say even to this day, but those feelings are locked up inside. But consider these things first:

  • You have a right to say what you feel
  • Do not go through life having regrets
  • You have the right to get the things that you need and want out of life.

So how do you go about doing this exactly?  You have to be willing to let go and get out there.

When you want to say something, then open up your mouth and let it out.

This is frightening and you are probably not the only person with this problem.  When you have something to say and keep it in, it just makes you feel bad until you say it.  Even if there is a chance that you might lose the person that you want, it is still good to get it out.  Being vulnerable always assumes that bad things will happen.

But, there is a greater risk if you hold it all inside.  You might never get a second opportunity to tell that person how you really feel about them or let them know that they are awesome.  Or, you might continue a lifelong family feud forever.  Tell your boss how you really feel. Make up with family members.  If you don’t, you will walk around with regrets forever.  This can be avoided if you just express yourself.

When we hold the truth in, it never comes out and it makes us sick.  This is not a good thing.  Having regrets are something you don’t want.  You will feel frustration that you cannot get rid of and this might eventually make you feel depressed.  So, open your mouth and let the truth out.

Working with a Life coach Los Angeles will help you do it in a manner that is best for you.  You have to lead your true life so don’t forget that you are doing this to make you happy and not anyone else.

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