Hypnosis for Addictions

Hypnosis for Addictions

Los Angeles Hypnosis for Addictions

“We love our habits more than our income, often more than our life.” – Bertrand Russell

Are you trapped in what seems like a never-ending cycle of bad habits or addictive behaviors? Are you trying to fill a void in your life? Are you avoiding the reality of a painful situation? Perhaps you find yourself reaching out too often for alcohol, drugs, or food or you are engaging in activities that can ruin relationships and careers, such as meaningless sex, over medicating, or heavy gambling, for no apparent reason.

Destructive habits and addictive behaviors not only impact your life in a negative way, but they also impact the lives of those around you – your family members, friends, and co-workers. As you struggle to break free from an addiction, it is critically important to build a strong support system and involve those people in your recovery/healing process.

I believe that deep within, we all want to be happy. If you are dealing with an addiction, there likely exists an underlying cause for it – a source of deep unhappiness, a serious void in your life, a sense of general dissatisfaction with some aspect of your life, or an emotional pain that you want to dull. This void or feeling of dissatisfaction compels you to fill it or assuage it with something – a shopping spree, overeating binges, alcohol consumption, or a drug-induced high. For a moment you’re satisfied and feel great, but it’s only temporary, and you already realize that the cycle will continue and you’ll need another ‘fix’. Perhaps the addiction is due to those around you. You might have started the cycle unknowingly because those around you did it . Some people are also more prone genetically to addictions, so it is important to know where you are coming from, and what options you have.

Addictions are incredibly powerful and can hold you hostage. They affect the mind, body, and nervous system, as well as our moods, thoughts, and ability to focus. Some addictions cause paranoia, depression, fear, anxiety, restlessness, anger, and hallucinations. The good news is that you can break free from this cycle of addiction, but as Scott Peck wrote, “There are no easy answers.” Persistence is the key.

Hypnosis for Addiction in Los Angeles

For individuals seeking treatment in Los Angeles, hypnosis for addiction can be a very powerful tool to break the vicious cycle of addictive behavior*. In our hypnosis sessions, we will start by developing an understanding of the particular pattern behind the behavior and how it has served you up to this point. We will explore the underlying cause of the addiction and identify the most effective options for breaking free from it.

The approach I take with my Los Angeles and Beverly Hills hypnosis clients is to focus on and heal the ‘wounded’ areas. We discuss spirituality, nutrition, and exercise, and take your sleep patterns into consideration. You will be empowered to control your impulses using tools and techniques that will help you deal with situations that create anxiety or trigger the addictive behavior.

The main focus of our hypnosis for addiction sessions is to work toward building a better future and developing a genuinely positive and optimistic outlook on life.

You are not alone. For more information on hypnosis for addictions in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, please contact us today.

To a better future,
Beatrix Wagner, C. Ht.

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