Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

By using brain imaging technology, researchers can see that clinical hypnotherapy has the power to always decrease your chronic pain.  In fact, Los Angeles hypnotherapy and hypnosis for pain Los Angeles is showing great success in treating pain relief. Research has shown that seventy five percent of all clinical and experimental patients that suffer from various kinds of pain can relieve their pain by using hypnotherapy.  The participants who believe that Los Angeles hypnotherapy for chronic pain will work are usually the ones who receive the most relief.  Those who are on the fence about the benefits of hypnotherapy will find a small amount of relief.  One of the other great things about hypnotherapy for chronic pain is that it has a greater probability of treatment being successful and provides a better chance for physiological stability.  This probability increases when participants have enough motivation to utilize all of the treatment choices that are available to them.

How Hypnotherapy is Beneficial for Chronic Pain

It has been shown that when experiments are under total control, Pain relief hypnotherapy reduces a patient’s ability to feel pain.  Hypnotherapy is successful because it enables a patient to change the psychological parts that are associated with his pain.  For anyone who is suffering from headaches, mixed chronic pain, backaches, cancer or other painful disorders, hypnotherapy in Los Angeles has been shown to be very advantageous.

Hypnotherapy has a way to reduce pain ratings, sedation requirements, vomiting and hospital stays. When in session, your hypnotherapist might suggest to reduce pain in the same way that the sound on a radio can be turned down.  This makes the patient feel more in control, especially if you feel that you are powerless.  Hypnotherapy is better for reducing pain than other types of pain strategies such as physical therapy or education.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work to Reduce Chronic Pain?

Please note that even the best Los Angeles hypnotherapy cannot do anything to cure what is causing your pain.  However, it can help you to deal with it better.  Scientists who have done brain scans on chronic pain patients while they were in hypnotherapy sessions have discovered that their brains had a lot of activity at the time, especially in the areas that send out the pain signals.  This shows that hypnotherapy in Los Angeles for chronic pain is effective due to the fact that it really creates a physical impact on the brain.  Other research has shown that hypnotherapy could work better than some of the other well-known pain relief strategies.

Hypnotherapy helps the brain to process the fact that there is pain.  But, this does not mean that you have to feel it.  Another explanation for how hypnotherapy works is that hypnosis takes your focus off of your pain.  It can reduce the amount of pain signals that your brain sends to the body part that is in pain.  For a complimentary consultation on hypnotherapy please contact Hypnosis-LA at: (310) 994-9532.


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