Stop Smoking Beverly Hills

Stop Smoking Beverly Hills

Here Are Some Reasons to Quit Smoking In Beverly Hills today:

You will Save Money

It costs a lot of money to smoke. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to learn the amount of money that you spend on cigarettes.

  • Take the amount of money spent daily on cigarettes and times that by 365 days.
  • Take that new number and times it by the number of years that you have been a smoker.
  • Now, multiply the yearly cost by 10 years.

If you only smoke one pack per day, think about how much you can save. You can do other things with this money. There are other ways to leverage this. Health insurance and life insurance are cheaper. You will not have as many issues that are related to smoking.

Stop Smoking and You Will Feel Better

Stop smoking Beverly Hills and you will feel better, especially over time. When you stop smoking:

  • Your breathe will smell better
  • Your teeth will get whiter
  • No smoke or cigarette smells in your clothing an hair
  • No yellow looking nails and fingers
  • Improved oral health
  • Less chance of forming wrinkles

Quit Smoking Beverly Hills and Your Life will Improve

You will look and feel younger overall. Gray hair and smoking can be linked together. Smoking causes the blood vessels in the face to get smaller and this makes you look yellowish. It will also reduce elasticity in a person who is at a young age.  However, just after two weeks of not smoking, you can reverse these effects. Your looks will be better and others will notice.

  • Since smokers only make up twenty-one percent of the population you will have more of the population to choose from for your dates.  This is because smokers usually only date and marry other smokers.
  • You will look like a better tenant.  Landlords have to pay more for insurance and maintenance whenever smokers are present.
  • You will look better to your boss because health insurance will be cheaper and you won’t be taking smoker breaks.
  • You will look better in the eyes of your children.
  • You will be more energetic.

Quit Smoking for the People You Love

If you stop smoking you will be doing it for yourself and also for the people that you love. Smoking harms you and your loved ones.  If you are a mother who smokes and your baby has breathing problems, becoming a non-smoker will improve the quality of life for your child. Your children will also be prone to having more colds, breathing issues and bronchitis when there are parents who are smokers.

Your life will totally change, so Beverly Hills quit smoking!  Do it today. Call us today to get answers to all of your smoking-related questions and set up a consultation at: (310) 994-9532.

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