Conquering Low-Esteem – The Power of Positive Thoughts

Conquering Low-Esteem – The Power of Positive Thoughts

Having low self-esteem can greatly impact everything that you do. Things such as your career, love life, family ties and even your health can be impacted in a negative way.  The good news is you can do something to improve your self-esteem, even if you do not think that highly of yourself.  With the power of hypnotherapy Los Angeles residents have a way to make a major life improvement.

The first step:  Figure out what the problem may be

Think about everything that could be contributing to your low-self esteem. They might be things such as:

  • Problems at home or on the job
  • Relationship problems with your girlfriend, wife, parent or sibling
  • Negative major life changes such as a career change, divorce, or a child going off to college

The second step:  Understand your thought process and belief system

Once you know where the problem is, you can concentrate on how you feel about it.  This also includes the chatter that you have with yourself about these things. What you believe might be good, bad or a little bit of both.  You might have solutions that are based on emotions and others that are based on facts.

The third step:  Get rid of your negative thinking

Your first reaction might not be the right way to think about a situation.  So try to find the right solution to the problem.  Determine if you are looking at things from a realistic viewpoint and have all of the facts.  Or, determine if there is missing information and there may be other reasoning that you should consider as well.

Understand that you might not be able to see how wrong your thinking may be. This is where a life coach in Los Angeles or professional hypnotherapist can really help.  A lot of people may have established a pattern that will always make them take a negative viewpoint about certain things.  If you have had this incorrect way of thinking for a long time, things might not be based on fact. Unfortunately, you have held on to these viewpoints and believe that they are based upon facts. Concentrate and isolate the feelings that lower your self-esteem:

  • Everything is either black or white.  You see everything as either a good thing or a bad thing.  There is no in-between when it comes to your thinking.  If you don’t do something perfectly, then you consider yourself to be unsuccessful.
  • You filter the information based upon your negative thoughts.  You don’t see the good in the situation, only the bad.  Then you don’t concentrate on anything else but the bad.
  • Your accomplishments automatically turn into failures. Instead of acknowledging your accomplishments, you downplay them and won’t take credit.  This only happened due to something else and not because you were competent.
  • You tend to jump to negative conclusions.  You can go in a negative direction with your thought process when there is no evidence to back up what you are thinking.
  • You are always putting yourself down.  You are always downplaying your feelings and accomplishments.  This contributes to your low self-esteem.  This could include taking things to the extreme when you make one little mistake.

The fourth step:  Change your thought process and your belief system

Learn how to think positively and change your bad thinking with facts.  Try the following:

  • Only talk in a positive manner to yourself.  Only speak of yourself in a positive light.  Give yourself support.  Being negative will only bring you down.
  • Learn to give yourself a pass for past failures.  Obviously, everyone is prone to making errors, including yourself.  One mistake does not mean that you are a bad person.
  • Do not put the words “should “or “must” in your vocabulary.  If you discover that you are always using these words, then you are probably putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and not on other people.
  • Concentrate on positive things.  Pay more attention to the good things in your life.  Tell yourself that you have managed to do a lot of good in your life within the last couple of months or years.  Think about what you have done in order to get through the bad times.
  • Put a positive spin on your negative thoughts. Don’t respond to your negative thoughts.  As an alternative, just view them as the new thing that is trying to bring you down.  The solution is to go with the thought that will bring the least amount of stress into your life.
  • Provide self-encouragement.  When you do a good job give yourself a pat on the back.  Remind yourself this and keep telling yourself this.

These few steps may seem different and uncomfortable, but they will get easier when you make an effort to practice each step.  After a while, this thought process and your new belief system becomes a part of the new you and gets easier.  It will help to get rid of your low self-esteem. As a result, your confidence level builds up and you feel like you can conquer challenges that come your way. For more information on improving your self-esteem and having a positive attitude contact Hypnosis-LA today at: (310) 994-9532.

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