Increase Confidence Los Angeles

Increase Confidence Los Angeles

Individuals with low self-esteem normally see others as being aggressive and think of themselves as being victims. Because of this they take their time in expressing and asserting themselves. People with low self-esteem also tend to be sheltered; they do not experience many things in life and don’t know how to change the predicament that they are in. As a result, they lose all of their self-confidence and the negative cycle continues. For those living in Los Angeles, hypnosis can help.

In the Meantime . . .

Below are steps you can take to increase self-esteem and build up your confidence. You may already be doing many of these things, and don’t feel pressured to complete every last one of them – only those that you both feel comfortable with and that gently push your forward.

  1. Create three lists. The first should feature your strengths. The second should list your achievements. The last should list all of the things that you like about yourself. If you get stuck, you might want your friends to help with these lists. Refer back to these lists on a regular basis.
  2. Don’t think negatively about yourself. Keep in mind that while you might have issues, you are also very valuable, special, and worthy of good thoughts about yourself.
  3. Make sure to take good care of yourself and maintain exceptional hygiene. Look your best and you will feel better.
  4. Wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. Looking good does a lot for your overall self-esteem.  As they say “dress to impress,” but dress to impress yourself.
  5. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. This is so important. Give priority to your mealtimes, even if you are dining solo.  Make it a big deal. You are worth the extra trimmings and fanfare. Oh, and turn off the television while you eat.
  6. Maintain a good exercise routine and make sure that you follow a vigorous exercise routine at least a few times a week.
  7. Get enough sleep. You can’t do anything unless you are well rested.
  8. Handle your stress. Go with a friend for a massage. Get rid of the stress that will bring you down.
  9. Clean your home. You don’t need extra clutter in your life. If you have any trophies or achievement award, display them where you can see them. This will help you to remember the things that you have accomplished in life.
  10. Spend more time doing the things that you want to do. At least once a day, do what you want to do.
  11. Start doing things that make you happy. Learn how to paint. Play music. Write poetry or dance. Activities like these can help you to show who you are. Take some classes to help you do this.
  12. Challenge yourself. For instance, learn how to sew, do gardening or take up karate.
  13. Pick up some of the things that you have always wanted to do, but keep putting them off for later such as cleaning out an old attic, organizing your closet or cleaning out the drawers in the home office.
  14. Spend more time with family and friends. Also, make new friends.

There are excellent resources available to you if you want to make positive change in your life. At Hypnosis-LA, we help clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area increase confidence and build self esteem.  Call us today for information or to make an appointment at: (310) 994-9532.

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