Hypnosis for Mental Health

Hypnosis for Mental Health

There are plenty of misconceptions around about hypnosis, yet hypnotherapy effectively helps patients treat many forms of stress and mental illness.  When it comes to the use of psychotherapy in the Western world, hypnosis has been around longer than many other forms of treatment.  Hypnosis in Los Angeles really works.  Don’t believe all of the misconceptions, and don’t be concerned about feeling vulnerable or out of control, because no one can hypnotise you without your permission.

How Hypnosis Works

When under hypnosis, you may appear to be in a trance. This is the same thing that takes place when meditating or daydreaming.  But, when you are under hypnosis, you are actually concentrating more. The goal is to concentrate so that your mind will get rid of distractions and make you more open to the suggestions you receive. The suggestions will be those that will make you feel better in the long run, which is the main reason for your treatment.  Hypnosis was approved in 1958 by the American Medical Association.  It was also approved in 1961 by the American Psychiatric Association. Through the years there have been plenty of positive reviews confirming hypnosis as an excellent treatment for mental health.  Los Angeles hypnotherapy helps patients for many different types of ailments.

Can Hypnosis Treat Pain?

A major scientific study was published in 2000, and came to the conclusion that hypnosis was a credible way to get rid of numerous kinds of pain. In 2003, another study found there were times in which hypnosis was better than other kinds of pain relief.  Hypnosis might also be utilized in conjunction with many different kinds of sedatives that are used during surgery.  A 1999 study came to the conclusion that hypnosis could help speed up recover times when combined with conscious sedation.  This means that you can check out of the hospital or medical center sooner.  Research from 2007 established that women who agreed to hypnosis for breast biopsies or lumpectomy did not need as much sedation.  They also did not feel as much pain, did not have a sick stomach or experience mental anguish after the surgery was over.  There are also plenty of reports that prove hypnosis is good for getting rid of pain that’s the result of severe migraine and tension headaches. Hypnosis for pain treatment can be a very useful therapy.

Can hypnosis treat anxiety? 

Hypnosis can most definitely be used to treat anxiety with a high degree of success!  When dealing with an upcoming surgery, hypnotherapy can be used to reduce anxiety.  Scientific studies show that hypnosis can lower your anxiety level and blood pressure before the surgery actually begins.  It can also reduce the amount of time that you have to stay in the hospital.  Hypnosis has also been known to reduce side effects of surgery such as having a queasy stomach and throwing up.

A 2006 report shows that people who use hypnosis were told during their hypnosis sessions that they would be okay.  This was done before the surgery.  Patients got suggestions during hypnosis that things would go well. This decreased anxiety levels before the surgery as much as 50 percent.  There was another group of patients who got the standard pre surgery care and their anxiety level went up as much as 55 percent.

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