Relationship Strategies

Relationship Strategies

There’s nothing that brings us more joy than connecting with others. Relationships and connections mean everything. Relationships can also be confusing and stressful. At Hypnosis-LA, we work with clients to untangle some of this confusion and find more joy by getting the most out of relationships at work, home, friendships, romantic interpersonal interactions, child-parent relationships and marriage.

I would like to share a few words about romantic attraction and relationships that come out of this initial spark. Attraction is a complicated subject. Probably you’ve heard many times that opposites attract. This is also true in regards to human personalities. Attracting our partners is a behavior acted out and projected from the subconscious mind. This may lead to certain patterns, yet we are not always aware of what is determining that pattern.

Long term, the opposite quality provides the spark and chemistry but can also create pressure if we don’t address our differences. In every relationship there is one who is more outgoing, more comfortable verbalizing feelings, touching, who likes attention/compliments and one who is head ruled, career oriented, more comfortable thinking, requires less sex, more introverted, living by logic and reason. If you are most comfortable with an intimate dinner, or wait for people to approach you in a social setting you will be attracted to someone who glows at parties and functions better in groups, who is very social. If you are a flashy dresser, most likely your natural opposite prefers conservative clothes. Or the more possessive your partner gets, the more distant you become and vice versa.

We are complex individuals, thriving for success on all levels of life. Understanding how we function in relation to others can be life changing but it can also improve all our relationships whether they are personal or professional. If you find this subject interesting and would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me.

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